A Pad was a Pad until PermaPad!

Our Proprietary formula and state of the art equipment assure the PermaPad to be free of any contamination that could weaken the structure, such as wood, dirt, or inferior resins. Plastic pellets used in our formula are a mixture of high and low density recycled polyethylene blended with a calcium carbonate additive.

The calcium carbonate additive provides Perma Pad the ability to resist bending while under stress.  Additional additives are included to protect the plastic from the degrading effects of light, heat, and bacteria.  Carbon black color is also added to the regrind mix so that the pad takes on the capability to resist harmful UV rays.  Our mix of high and low-density polyethylene make Perma Pad the toughest and most durable pads on the market.

Incorporated within Perma Pad is an internal rib structure that allows far more support than other comparable synthetic pads.  Unlike other conventional synthetic pads which can sink into the ground, Perma Pad with it’s fortified rib structure will not.  Perma Pad is superior to any fa├žade of pad or weight class on the market.

We have put our pad to the test, can you?